Porsche: This is How We Celebrate

“Some may not understand why we risk millions of dollars of historic metal. To us, we can’t understand why you wouldn’t.”

Porsche in a nutshell, really.

Listen to legendary Porsche driver Derek Bell as he narrates this video about the Rennsport Reunion IV with appearances from Jeff Zwart, Brian Redman, Timo Bernhard, Wolf Henzler and a host of Porsche racing cars.

The Rennsport Reunion is more than just an incredible gathering of Porsches. It’s a gathering of colleagues and comrades; those who raced against Porsches as well as those who raced in and with them. It’s a wonderful celebration of one of motorsport’s most successful marques.

The video is well shot, packed with glorious racing Porsches, both historic and modern and full of the song from their engines. Perfect for a summery Friday afternoon.