Rennsport 2016 ??? Media Day

It’s been three years since the last one, and not a week has gone past where there wasn’t at least one reference to the amazing event. So when we got word that it was coming back, we were full speed ahead and ready to fly the Rennsport Australia 2016 flag!

For us the event started on Friday, media day. This was a day to get things in motion, competitors to get out on track and of course for media to get in the cars and hype up the story for the weekend ahead. We were very lucky to be a part of it all with our infamous project car, the 911 Group 4, for it would be driven by our good friend and Porsche fanatic Magnus Walker.

As the sun rose from the eastern horizon, we were greeted with the arrival of many iconic Porsches and lucky for us a small legends photoshoot, prior to some media hot laps. Only six cars were to take part on this pit lane photoshoot, the Group 4 taking up one of those very special spots. After the moment was captured it was now time for media, special guests and lucky staff to enjoy a few hot laps in the hero cars.

Heading back into the paddock the arrival of more mind-blowing Porsches had us snapping photos left, right and centre. The very first Porsche’s to ever grace our shores, along with a handful of ’74 RS’s, Australia’s only RWB and even a tractor!

Now it was time for some of the regulation class competitors to hit the track and get a feel for the weekend ahead. Only a handful of our customers signed up for this, all of which ready and rearing to put pedal to the metal. For one special customer, Magnus, it was time to get in the driver’s seat of his maiden chariot for the weekend, our 911 Group 4.

The rest of the day was littered with track side conversation, with more words being expressed through hand gestures and movements that imply gripping and steering. The sound of flat-6’s filled the Motorsport Park and before you knew it the sun was setting on the western horizon and time for Rennsport Hero Image.

Calling together all the rarest, accomplished and recognized Porsches from every era onto the main straight to be strategically placed for one single photo. After about an hour of millimetre movements, they were placed and the photo captured. Perfect way to end the first day of a very long and inspiring Porsche weekend.

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