Project: The Flux Capacitor 930

Ok - so it looks like a 964, but whats underneath is a 930. Somewhere along the line this 930 got a make over and a nice one too, we might add. But the time has come and now the current owner has sat down with Grant, Nathan and the team to talk about rebuilding this car into his very own one off 911 dream build.

We wont go deep into the future of this build, because we’re still trying to nail the finish product and then create digital renderings… but the title “Flux Capacitor” comes from… currently being updated to a 964 and soon going back in time… becoming long bonnet!

The car came in this week to start the process, first stage being - Suspension.

Every single component in the suspension is being replaced and upgraded to a street/track set up. Coil over conversion is a must, along with all arms rose jointed and completely adjustable. This week we got the car up onto a chassis trolley and taken all the old suspension out. The car has now been cleaned top to bottom to undercover any damage which may need repairing before the new suspension package gets installed.

Until then, enjoy the start of Project Flux Capacitor: