SAT NAV / Bluetooth Phone / IPOD / MP3 / CD / DVD - For Your Porsche

Until now having all of the above in one unit has been near impossible.

But now, in conjunction with Kenwood Car Audio, we can provide all of the above using?? either?? a 6.1” or 7” state of the art touch screen head unit.

Models suited are all Porsche 911s, Boxsters, Caymans and Cayennes from 1998 - 2008.


  • Kenwood Sat Nav is powered by the world leader in GPS?? - Garmin. Map updates are approximately one quarter of the price Porsche charges for factory units. Will solve a problem for 2002 - 2004 cars with factory sat nav, for whom map updates are no longer available.
  • Bluetooth / Hands free connectivity is fully built in. There is no need to have a separate SIM card for the car as required by the factory systems up to 2008.
  • IPOD / MP3 has full connectivity and is run and displayed through the head unit touch screen. No more fumbling around for your IPOD on the end of a lead plugged into the stereo.
  • Fantastic sound with much better acoustics and output than the factory units.
  • Installed with factory grade fascia panels (see photo) to give a clean factory look. Also easily transferable to your next vehicle and completely reversible; just plug your old unit back in.
  • Kenwood is one of only two brands that will work with the factory steering wheel controls if you have them optioned on your car.
  • Many factory PCM 1 units are now 10 years old and we are starting to see failures. A new exchange factory PCM1 will set you back approx $3700 and still won???t have even half of the features or benefits listed above. Our top of the range systems are $2,975 + GST for the 6.1??screen & $3,275 + GST for the 7” screen fully installed.

NOTE: IF your car is equipped with BOSE speakers:

??until now you could not fit any aftermarket stereo unless you replaced all of your speakers and the amplifier (huge job & big expense). The problem was the factory amplifier and speakers were on a fiber optic network and the aftermarket head units were not. But now we have sourced an adapter that links the Kenwood head unit to the factory fibre optic network allowing use of all the Kenwood unit’s features without the expense of removing perfectly good high quality BOSE speakers and amplifier.

*As many different combinations of upgrades are available please call and ask for Scott Lang to discuss your requirements and pricing.