Porsche Project: Putting the Finishing Touches on An Immaculate RS

Our 1971 911 E project has been going strong, and is now tantalisingly close to the chequered flag.

When last we spoke the car had just returned from priming and painting, and its motor and gearbox had been stripped, tested, refurbished and detailed in preparation for the next stage in its life.

From there the car was moved into our restoration facilities and handed over to our Scottish warrior, Stuart the Bruce. And with many years of experience in restorations, fabrication and the building of our track and rally cars, Stuart???s attentions produced an absolute masterpiece.

This stage of the project included the refitting of all of the car???s glass, a complete interior refit including new carpet set, seats and seat belts, gauges rebuilt to RS spec and correct RS steering wheel and door cards. To complete the interior the owner sourced a correct period piece radio which was installed and wired up to new speakers by our long term contractor Chris Green of Radios in Motion.

Once the refit was complete the car was hoisted and the engine/transmission combination was reinstalled into the completely detailed engine bay.

As this article goes to press Stuart is in the process of driving and fine tuning the car (someone has to do it) prior to delivery to the customer.

This has been an exciting and creatively-fulfilling project and it???s been a great honour to have been entrusted with the challenge. We???re looking forward to delivering a splendid motorcar that satisfies and even exceeds the brief.

Grant and Tim from Autohaus Hamilton would like to thank all staff and contractors involved in the rebuild of this wonderful one-of-a-kind RS replica.

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