Video: Porsche Museum Secrets

Allow yourself to be??whisked away to a Porsche wonderland by this video, which takes you behind closed doors into Porsche’s special storage facilities for its museum cars not currently on display.

Porsche 984

This new facility will allow Porsche to bring together, for the first time, the many special, unique and significant cars that belong to the Porsche Museum and which aren’t currently on display. Here they will be stored, maintained and cared for until they head to the Porsche Museum or to events around the world.

Porsche 908

The videos feature some beautiful and rare machines, along with many glimpses at hidden wonders within the facility. They also talk a lot about Porsche’s mindset and what the museum, cars and facilities mean to them and their history. It’s inspiring to see how much they value their history and wonderful to see how passionate they are about not only preserving these precious Porsches, but maintaining and using them as well.

Porsche 906

Part One introduces??the facility and what it means to Porsche and features the very first 911 Turbo; a birthday present for Louise Porsche. Part Two gets specific with the cars, introducing a world record endurance 924, a 928 convertible prototype, a 984 “Porsche Junior”, an absolutely stunning and completely untouched hill climb 906, a Targa Florio 908 and a bulletproof (literally - it weights three tonnes) 996. Lovely stuff!