Porsche: This Is How You Meet Your Heroes

?? hero is every single person who has fought together with us to win more than 28,000 races ??? over generations.??/strong>

And every person who looks after our beloved Porsche clubs, all the friends hitting the track together, everyone lying upside-down in a footwell, tinkering, anyone enjoying the life in their Porsche on the way to work??? all of the people who make owning a Porsche something truly special.

Porsche are doing a fantastic job promoting the Rennsport Reunion and leveraging it to produce great content for fans. Their latest effort is this video, which focuses on the legion of speedy steerers who have put pedal to metal in Porsches over the last sixty years.

It???s packed with legendary machines, heroic drivers and some very special retro footage. Take a few minutes to get to know some of Porsche???s legendary drivers and enjoy the sights and sounds of Porsches of all makes, models and eras hitting the track at Laguna Seca.