When the president of the Porsche Club of NSW, Roxanne, gave us a call to host one of their monthly meetings, we were very excited. We love using our workshop diversely and in this case it was time to turn the space into a cultural community space for the men and woman of the marque we love – PORSCHE!

As close of day came all hands were on deck to clean, sort and most importantly to make the workshop space a pop-up lecture space almost. The cars were polished and chairs set up, before you knew it club members (and our faithful customers) began to arrive. Byram was one of the first in his Porsche 3.2 Spyder project car we completed many months ago, along with John in his stunningly bright blue Cayman.

The time passed and the crowds were requested to stop admiring the beautiful Porsches on display and to find a seat. Roxanne welcomed the club and also invited our very own head poncho Grant Geelan up to say a few words. Grant being a man of only a few words simply thanked the crowd and well, his smile said it all!

The meeting kicked off with Ernie from Exclusive Body Werks introducing some new techniques for metal restoration and in turn, Porsche restoration. He had the crowd captivated by the freshly repaired and better than new metal pieces on display. We’re sure inspiring a few to take the jump and begin their own restoration build.

Following Ernie was Blake from Envirage Suspension. Blake had prepared a small presentation talking about the diverse tuning abilities of aftermarket suspension. You could see many eyes locked onto him as he spoke, filling in the blanks of knowledge and helping the club members understand why and how to set up their Porsche for the purpose on hand.

After the completion of the two presentations Roxanne jumped up once again to basically conclude the meeting, going over the upcoming events and thanking all the appropriate people – and on that note; we would like to thank the Porsche Club of NSW for spending a night at Autohaus Hamilton. It was great to see so many faces light up like children in a lolly store, there’s not much more we could ask for!

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