Porsche Club Adventures in 2012

Porsches are celebrated as drivers??? cars, and one of the best ways to enjoy a drivers??? car is to get involved in a car club. The Porsche Club of New South Wales is an integral part of the Porsche community here in Sydney, and the tireless volunteers that run it do a magnificent job producing events which provide members with opportunities to enjoy their cars in varied and enjoyable ways. The club is also full of brilliant people who would make joining it a rewarding and fun experience even without the cars! Let???s take a look at what they have planned for the year ahead.

First up ??? the competition calendar. The PCNSW runs two major event categories ??? Motorkhanas and Super Sprints. Motorkhanas, as we???ve discussed before, are a brilliant and very social form of motorsport. They???re safe, low-speed and excellent for teaching car control and testing the nimbleness of the ole ??oggin. Check out our in-depth look at motorkhanas here.

Super Sprints are run at speed, but they aren???t races. Competitors are grouped and ordered by speed, so the fastest car/driver combinations head out at the head of the pack and drive away from the people behind them. This means that passing is rare and drivers are free to enjoy and explore their cars at speed without the distraction and associated risks of racing. The goal is to fine-tune your own lap to be as neat, clean and quick as possible.

The PCNSW kicks off their competition calendar on the 12th of February with a motorkhana, and will run three more motorkhanas throughout the year on the 16th of June, 5th of August and 6th of October.

On the 10th of March they???re off to Wakefield Park for the first super sprint of the year. It will be followed by a further four events, held at Eastern Creek on the 21st of April, Wakefield Park on the 2nd of June, the Eastern Creek full circuit on the 19th of August and the Eastern Creek south circuit on the 22nd of September.

The Bathurst weekend runs from the 6th to the 8th of April and the PCNSW will run a regularity event on the iconic circuit. Regularity is all about consistency ??? drivers nominate a time and attempt to lap as consistently and closely to that time as possible. Points are lost for going slower and more points are lost for going too fast. The Bathurst weekend is truly awesome and is definitely worth the trip!

The club also runs social events, which are a great way to involve the family, explore the country and enjoy the social side of life. The annual PCNSW Concours d??? Elegance is held late in the year and club nights take place on the second Tuesday of every month. Head to the PCNSW website here to keep in touch with everything on the go.