Driving Adventures in 2012

It???s the start of a new year, and that means a whole new set of opportunities to get out in the world and enjoy our Porsches. Our buddies at Driving Adventures put together driving events for just that purpose and we thought we???d fill you in on what???s coming up.

First up is a track day at Wakefield Park on the 5th of March. These days are excellent, because they are not race events. Their purpose is to give you time on the track at as much speed as you are comfortable with, building an understanding of your car and its potential in a track environment. And, like most motorsport events, it is a brilliant reason to meet up with mates and fellow car enthusiasts for a fun social day.

David has booked additional dates at Wakefield Park on the??7th of May, 16th of July, 17th of September and 10th of December

From the 21st to the 23rd of May David is running his well-loved Snowy Mountains Tour.?? This relaxed and flexible tour runs from Sydney to Lake Crackenback, through quiet, picturesque drivers??? roads and back over three days. Check out the tour report from the previous Snowy Mountains Tour here.

June 10 marks the start of something truly special ??? the European Tour. The European Tour runs from Maranello to Goodwood and stops by an incredible list of motoring must-sees. Monaco, Spa, the Nordschleife and twenty two days of Europe???s, and the world???s, greatest driving roads. Somewhat unsurprisingly, it has turned out to be quite popular and there are very few spots left, so get in contact promptly if you???re interested.

Another opportunity to explore our wonderful country is the Tour of Tassie from the 10th until the 20th of October. This tour runs from Sydney, through Melbourne and onto the Spirit of Tasmania for the cruise across Bass Straight. Once in Tasmania the tour is based around the Targa Tasmania special stages and takes in some of Australia???s most beautiful scenery and some lovely driving roads.

Check out the Driving Adventures website here, and we hope everyone has an amazing year of adventures in their Porsches!

Photo via Driving Adventures