Porsche 911 MAF upgrade

Porsche 911 Mass Air Flow Meter

From 1984 until 1994 most Porsche 911 engines used a barn door style airflow meter to measure the air being drawn into the engine which then informed the Motronic engine management computer. The computer then told the injectors how much fuel to inject into the engine. Sure there were other inputs, temp, engine speed and reference etc that influenced the computer but this is the simple explanation. 


Signs of a failing MAF

Your car depends significantly on the function of it’s Mass Air Flow meter, if it begins to fail it cannot communicate properly the computer to run the engine. This can lead to, rough idling, stalling, issues starting the car, decreased power and lowered fuel economy. While the factory MAF is designed to last the lifetime of the engine they can wear just like any car part. 


When do I change my Porsche MAF?

At Autohaus Hamilton we do see worn and failing meters but recently we have been talking to customers about installing the FVD MAF upgrade despite their current meter working fine.

A lot has changed since 1984 and there are a plethora of parts now available for Porsche cars that replace the old for new technology in turn delivers better performance. When we say “performance” we don’t just mean power and speed. At Autohuas Hamilton we are more than often working with our team in pursuit of driving pleasure and passion. That can often simply mean a new set of shocks and a wheel alignment to completely change the driving feel of a car so much so, it feels like new. The FVD MAF upgrade is one of the engine upgrade products we have found that can deliver the equivalent in improved “driving pleasure”


FVD Germany

We visited the FVD factory on a recent trip to Germany. They are renowned for being a team of very clever people passionate about driving pleasure. One of the many upgrades they offer is the FVD MAF upgrade kit ( which Autohaus Hamilton are now distributors of ). While the kit does deliver a power upgrade it was the “driving feel” that we were very interested in for our customers. The components are a relatively simple switch out and replace with a small amount of software adjustment and for the amount of improvement we believe the price is an excellent investment. 


Customer Story

We could continue on with this story and explain what the upgrade can do for your engine but our customer Andy recently fitted the upgrade to his Porsche 964 and then made a great short film reviewing how the car felt after.