Hop in a Porsche 908 for a Blast Around Laguna Seca

Porsche???s first 908 arrived in the late ??0s with an air-cooled flat-eight and an absolutely stunning streamlined body that was designed to slip gracefully through the air at fast tracks like the Circuit de la Sarthe. In 1968 it went up against the brute power of Ford???s GT40s as well as Porche???s own 907s and, despite a strong start at the N??rburgring, struggled to find its feet.

It wasn???t until 1969 and the 908/2 that the 908 really came on strong. 908/2s locked out the podium at Brands Hatch that year, won the 1000km of Monza, the Targa Florio and the 1000 kilometres of Spa and dominated the 1000km of N??rburgring, claiming first, second, third, fourth and fifth places. Porsche won the World Championship for Makes that year.

In 1970 came the 908/3, which drove down the car???s weight and shortened the wheelbase. It was one half of a powerful Porsche partnership. The 908 was used on tighter, twisty tracks, such as those driven in the Targa Florio, and Porsche???s flat-12 917 was let loose on the faster tracks. This combo helped Porsche dominate the World Championship for Makes until 1971.

A Porsche 908 won the 1000km of N??rburgring in three decades with wins in 1968, 1969, 1970, 1971 and 1980.

In 2011, at Rennsport Reunion IV, Brian Redman hopped in a 908/3 and spent a few laps blasting around Laguna Seca, chasing 917s. The video is a treat for the eyes and ears, turn it up and enjoy!