PETROLICIOUS: Automotive Story Tellers, 3.8RSR Part II

It’s been a couple of months since our first visit from Joel and Aaron Colthorpe, the down-under duo behind the lens for Petrolicious here in Australia. During our time apart the seasons have changed and multiple visits to the race track has been had.

Sunrise and sunset, the ample golden hours were what Joel and Aaron were after. This meant a very early start, 5am at Berowra Waters 7/11 to be precise. Lucky for us the shift in seasons meant the air wasn’t too cold and it was more than bearable, even enjoyable. The brothers set up their first few shots and as colours started to leak their way into the skies we began to shoot the 3.8RSR.

Hitting the Old Pacific Hwy at dawn is a special feeling for many true drivers from Sydney. It’s because we’ve all had our hearts stolen by this road at some point. Whether on two wheels or four, during the day or the middle of the night the Old Pacific Highway has offered countless motoring memories for us all… and this morning just another one to never forget.

Next stop was the Heli-pad, time to take some stationary detailed shots and give Graeme an opportunity to read his map (will make sense when you see the film!). A few hours were spent here, with the team and Graeme jumping into the 3.8RSR and heading off into the distant hills for other scenes. By lunch it was time for a few hour break as Joel and Aaron headed into town to pick up some equipment needed for the afternoon.

A drone and a few other very special pieces of equipment were picked up and moving into the later afternoon they were set up and ready to be used. As the sunset neared, as did the completion of the short film. The whole team starting to finally feel the long day…

We’ll be sure to share Petrolicious’ film when it’s ready, but until then enjoy some of the behind the scene shots: