Petrolicious: Automotive Story Tellers, 3.8RSR

It’s been more than three years since Petrolicious uploaded their first film to YouTube, and in that time, they’ve filmed thousands of hours of footage from around the world—and finally, finally our roads have met and the story of one of our latest builds, Graeme’s 3.8RSR, will be told!

If you’re not familiar with Petrolicious already, it’s time you took a seat and soaked in everything they have to offer. These amazing men and woman are story tellers, capturers of automotive legends and artists of film.

It was an absolute pleasure having Aaron and Joel Colthorpe come by the new workshop and talk Porsche with Graeme and the team. We’re excited to see how they will portray Graeme’s journey and the countless hard hours put in building this masterpiece we call the 3.8RSR.

Here’s a taste of what Petrolicous have to offer - Porsches with out substitute: