New Life: Engine Rebuild 911T 2.2

New Life: Engine Rebuild 911T 2.2

Manned by some of the most experienced and innovative Porsche engine specialists in the industry, the Autohaus Hamilton engine department offers the full range of engine build services for every year, model and purpose of Porsche.

We’ve been building and developing Porsche engines for the past four decades and have developed our expertise through active and proven delivery in every area of Porsche ownership and competition.

We rebuild any Porsche engine worldwide and can do anything from taking a factory road car back to factory original specifications, to custom projects and bespoke race engines.

This week that very special moment happened for a lovely 911T, its 2.2 Flat-6 was rebuilt to factory specifications and reunited with the motionless chassis. Such a memorable moment when a freshly rebuilt motor is re-fitted reigniting the connecting of car, engine and driver.

Planning and communication are core in all of our relationships and services, and are vital to a good result from your engine rebuild. When you engage Autohaus Hamilton for a Porsche engine rebuild we’ll work with you to understand what you need and want from your engine, and create a scope of work, plan, timeline and budget that will result in exactly what you’re looking for. And along the way we’ll keep you up to date and involved in everything that’s going on with your engine, and all the options available to you.

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