Melbourne Road Trip: We check out Dutton Garage


Day 1 in Melbourne town, obviously the first step for us was to get the car detailed. Lucky for us there’s a little place called H20 Carwash in Richmond, where the owner is actually quite the Porsche fanatic! As we roll in the sound of an aircooled flat-6 willed the lot and the workers came running out. With a coffee down and the Group 4 looking better than ever it was time to hit the road!


Melbourne’s known for its concrete jungle feel, from art gallery alley ways to the hundreds of under bridge car parks – there truly are countless places to just stop and admire. On route to Melbourne’s iconic Dutton Garage we found ourselves on a quiet on-ramp to the motorway. We pulled over to take a few snaps of the freshly washed Group 4.


Dutton Garage did not disappoint. Just rolling into the car park the scene was set as a beautiful factory which has been converted into an automobile paradise, with levels of the rarest classic cars in Australia all ready to greet us. We were lucky enough to meeting up with a close friend of Dutton who had agreed to give us a private tour of every level.

After a quick tour (sorry – no photography was allowed in many sections) we headed back up to the showroom which also has its very own café/restaurant. Breakfast was served and boy was it good. If you’re living in Melbourne, visiting Melbourne or need a reason to go to Melbourne – it’s time to book in brunch at Dutton Garage.


Glancing through the glass the Group 4 felt very much at home, with past Autohaus Hamilton Porsches on the property it almost felt like a reunion. But the moment was caught with these two white nights – who thought you’d ever see a Lamborghini Miura S and a Porsche 911 Group 4 in the same shot? Let alone with a beastly Mustang beside them.

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