Magnus Walker ??ussie Outlaw??? Meet and Greet

Whilst driving in our 911 Group 4, returning from a long day out to Bathurst – Mount Panorama Magnus realised he only had a few days left and had not reached out to his followers for an ‘Outlaw Meet’ up. This is something he’s become accustom to doing in every country he visits, allowing Porsche fanatics young and old to meet the man they’ve seen so much of on the internet, and see just how he is in person.

With a simple social media post and some shares, the event was on! Tuesday night @ 9pm – easy.

As we rolled in at 8:45, the car park at Milsons Point (under the famous Sydney Harbour Bridge) was already full. With everything from a Datsun Sunny to a Lamborghini Aventador! Nearly 100 Porsches littered through the mix, old and new, all under one bridge.

As the hours passed Magnus made sure he took a moment to speak with every single soul who made the effort to come out, this was borderline inspirational as there was close to 500 people! Nearing midnight the crowds started to deplete and just a few left… to enjoy a cold beer with the man himself, under our bridge…

Props to the man Magnus.

Photo Credit: Matt Everingham, Kat Hawke Photos , Autofokus, 300cpo