John Bowe & Liqui Moly Drop in

When our friends from Liqui Moly gave us a call and told us they wanted to drop by for a visit with a special guest, we had no clue that they would bring one of Australia’s most famous names in motorsport, John Bowe.

John was an absolute legend, in true Aussie form. He was excited to see a plethora of Porsches, as far as they eye could see. After enough jokes were cracked and enough cars given the once over, John excitedly mentioned he had never seen so many rare, custom and racing Porsches in one place!

We might have even reignited the flame for John, a particular 911SC in his circle of friends. Either way, for us it was a pleasure to have John and Liqui Moly to come past and spend some time. We wish the very best to John and you’re welcome back anytime!