Jim's 1967 Porsche 911 'Soft Window' Targa

Jim Catt’s isn’t new to the Autohaus family, if anything it’s people like Jim who have helped build the foundation of family around Autohaus Hamilton. His unmeasurable love for cars has seen him own, collect and restore many different cars throughout the years.

His love obsession for Porsche is translated through four 911’s we have built and maintained for Jim, along with his guidance and at his request they all have their own personality and purpose. A red 1967 3L Carrera and blue 1977 3L Carrera double as track orientated cars, whilst a tidy Chiffon 1982 911SC Targa is used as a weekend freedom machine!

With two track cars it’s only fair to build a second car for enjoying weekends away, twisty roads and general street duties. In comes the 1967 911 Targa ‘Soft Window’, a German delivered car and then spent most of its life in America where it eventually found its way to a dusty corner of a barnyard, left for Jim to find, purchase and import.

We (Autohaus Hamilton) first saw the car around 6months ago after landing in Australia. Jim had a very simple (not so simple) request, get it running! We did just that, and took his rare find, got it started and driving. Since then Jim has formulated a new plan, to resurrect it to its original glory!

Today saw day one of this full restoration build, starting with Jim coming in to enjoy morning tea and coffee with the team, then spend some good time around the Targa. Nathan and Jim spent hours going through every little bit of the Targa, measuring them up to Jim’s expectation and the deliverable’s Autohaus Hamilton can offer.

After a long conversation, it was agreed the car will be stripped and ready for body work to begin. Jim will be taking a bigger role and project managing this as a third party, giving him more involvement and letting him get his hands dirty also!

Exciting days and another custom build on the move, for more updates you can subscribe to our mailing list by clicking here.