Jason Kirk's Rennsport Weekend

Photography by Jason Kirk of Jason Kirk Photography

In the weeks leading up to Porsche Rennsport Australia we held a competition giving away deluxe entry packs to the festival.

We spent a happy weekend with winner Jason Kirk at the event a week ago, and caught up with him early this week to see what he thought about it all!

I thought it was very professionally run, and certainly a prestige event to match the Porsche brand.??Everything was so well organised. On the whole it was an awesome, international-class event.”

Porsche Rennsport by Jason Kirk

“Now that people have had a chance to check out the photos, I think a few people would be kicking themselves for missing it!”

“I think that’s an area that could be better next time. Porsche could do more to promote the sheer breadth of cars that will be there, and ??what kind of event it is. I definitely would’ve been even more excited about it had I known about the Le Mans cars and historic race cars!”

Porsche Rennsport by Jason Kirk

On the Autohaus Hamilton access all areas pass and pit tours:

“Nathan did an excellent job of explaining things and showing us around the festival.”

“He had some really interesting insights into the motorsport side of the event; things like the fuel and tyre regulations and how they’re managed; the nuts and bolts behind the scenes stuff. It added another dimension to the event that you wouldn’t get without a truly knowledgeable expert to guide you.”

Porsche Rennsport by Jason Kirk

“Having the option of checking out the pits was great and I popped my head in while they were working on the car to see how it all goes down. The team are super busy throughout the weekend, though, and I didn’t want to bother them - so I spent much more timing exploring the grounds!”

Porsche Rennsport by Jason Kirk

“The corporate suite was awesome. It was very well positioned - close enough to the action that you could catch the cars at full noise. The staff were great and the food was fresh and tasty. The drivers were very friendly and often came up and said g???day ??? a really great atmosphere.”

On the driving experiences:

“With so much to see and do, I didn’t get a chance to take the Caymans for a run.”

Porsche Rennsport by Jason Kirk

“The Cayenne 4WD Driving Experience was awesome, and I really enjoyed that.”

“Their capabilities were stunning and really surprised me. More than capable. Really impressive.”

Porsche Rennsport by Jason Kirk

With so many Porsches from every nook and cranny of Porsche’s history to choose from, could you pick a favourite?

“Seeing the 959 was awesome. I probably spent ten minutes just standing and staring at it.”

“Things like that are the cars I grew up with; they were the poster cars for me as a child.”

“The Le Mans cars were stunning as well and it was great to see them start up and drive.”

Porsche Rennsport by Jason Kirk

“I have to go back to the 959 though. It’s always been the ultimate Porsche as far as I???m concerned - the first poster I had on my wall was a 959. It’s understated but astonishingly capable. Seeing it in person was brilliant.”

And to sum up two Porsche-packed days?

“Seeing the kids pedalling along in their 911 pedal cars really summed it up for me. They represented the Porsche passion.”

“It also showed me how well Porsche did in terms of making it a family-friendly day.??There were so many kids running around having a ball in the corporate area!”

“It was an event which you could go to with your wife and kids. My wife was originally only planning to come along for the Saturday as she didn’t think she would enjoy it that much, but after the first day she was looking forward to coming back for another day!”

Porsche Rennsport by Jason Kirk

“I’d like to send out a huge thanks to Grant and the team at Autohaus Hamilton for their warmth and hospitality! You took an awesome event and made it unforgettable.”

“If you can only go to one performance event in a year, go to Rennsport!”

Huge thanks to Jason Kirk for not only taking the time to enter our competition, but sharing the weekend with us, and even coming back to chat about it all and share his photographs!

Head to his website here to check out more of his work.