History of FUCHS Wheels

The birth of the Fuchsfelge was in 1963.

The success story of the Fuchsfelge® started more than 40 years ago with the development of the Porsche 911.

But in one important detail a tank acted as inspiration for a Porsche. As Porsche was developing its 911 in 1962, the search was on for a very special wheel. This should have outstanding properties and at the same time open new occasions in terms of styling. It should be a light alloy wheel. In addition to its attractive appearance, the wheel should promise a significantly superior ride quality through its lower weight and the resulting reduction in unsprung mass.

Porsche had already gained experience with Aluminium alloy wheels although not in its cars. At this time the Porsche engineering services were also developing a light, air-portable tank for the German army. And their track rollers were made by OTTO FUCHS: forged and made of Aluminium.

The Porsche engineers recalled this as it became clear that cast wheels could not fulfil Porsche‘s requirements. Accordingly what was more logical than to contact OTTO FUCHS in Meinerzhagen with an inquiry about the wheels for the new sports car. OTTO FUCHS accepted the challenge and developed the first forged Aluminium alloy wheel for series production, the legendary Porsche “windmill” wheel - today renowned as “The Fuchsfelge®“.

For more than twenty years it was offered either as standard or optional equipment. Even today, the original Fuchsfelge® can still be purchased from Porsche Classic. The vehicle and its wheel became legendary.

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