EVENT: Rennsport V, By Petrolicious

Source: Petrolicious.com Photography/Words: Andrew Schneider

"Porsches are meant to be driven. Period.

Every four years, Porsche fanatics from all over the world travel to Laguna Seca to experience a weekend like no other, Rennsport. One marque, one track and dozens of legandary drivers at the wheels of Stuttgart's finest. Typical highlights include: Seeing John Fitzpatrick sign his old racecar in front of its current owner, hearing the raw sounds of a 718 RS60 Spyder warming up, and -of course- a casual Jerry Seinfield sighting.

What truly impressive though is that all these cars are running at peak performance, barely showing their age. My hat goes off to the crews that work to keep legends like the 919 and 917S up and running, the exhaust notes alone must take a piano tuner's percision to keep dailed in.

After a weekend of sound and fury I'm left with a truee sense of comradery, somthing unique to the Porsche community." - Andrew S, Petrolicious.