Event: Hunter Drive, July 2015

It was time for a drive, we had an itch which just needed to be scratched and with a forecast of sun with some morning fog the road was most definitely calling, and this time round… 110 of us answered the call, yes 110.

We’ll set the mood, it’s 6:30am and we’re heading up the Old Pacific Hwy to meet up at Pie in the Sky, Cowan. The road is just a blanket of thick fog, flowing down the road every few corners we caught glimpses of a luminescent blue sky above. It was cold, really cold but that didn’t worry us.

7:00am, we’re parked at Pie in the Sky and started to clean the carpark to safety fit all the Porsches inbound. As quickly as we arrive, as do other Porsche owners. 1, 2, 3, 10, 11, 15, 21, 32, 37, 49, 56 - The numbers just kept rolling in. Bumper to bumper and 4 lanes wide, we filled the Pie in the Sky driveway and carpark. It’s now nearly 8:00am and we’re full to the brim! So far, 100 cars… time to start the driver briefing.

With 100 cars, there was around 140 little heads mixed between the plethora of cars listening to Sergio go over the day's plan, route options, food options and most importantly additional options to get home! As Sergio went on, between jokes some serious information was passed on and the arrival of a few last minute cars indicated it was time to start our motors!

The gist was simple if you’re already craving some food or a coffee - take the first stop at The Old Road Cafe and enjoy whatever it may be you’re after. Otherwise, time to head north and make our way to Wollombi. Only 100kms of twists and turns laid ahead of us, and within the first hour, Porsches were already arriving in the Hunter Valley.

Sergio and Claudio took charge, standing at the main intersection in Wollombi. As each car turned up, they were directed to a suitable safe parking spot. By 10:00am Wollombi looked more like Stuttgart with Porsches everywhere, as far as the eye could see! Event goers got themselves comfortable and ordered brunch. The Wollombi Tavern really hit the ball out of the park, being able to serve everyone very quickly.

Brunch gave the opportunity for everyone to decide their way home, with 3 options standing out: 1) U-turn and head back the way we came 2) Head east to the ocean and come back down the M1 or 3) Head west and follow the Putty Road back into Windsor, Sydney.

11:30am and only a few cars were left behind, with most on route home or taking on another few more twists and turns. What a way to spend a Sunday morning.

Photography: Sergio - Autohaus Hamilton, Lachlan - Petrol Fuelled Passion

Additional Images: