EVENT: Gentleman Racers, Burrows Day

The second day of spring greeted us with crystal blue skies that stretched across the horizon, a perfect day for an easy mid-week track visit with The Formula Company at Sydney Motorsport Park’s full circuit. We managed to secure a double pit garage, here we housed four customer cars; Jeff in his 2.7, Dave in his 2.7, Ben in his GT3 and Darren out (for the first time) in his 996 Turbo Cabriolet!

The sun decided to take a break around 8am, which brought back the winter chills into all who prepared for sunshine and good times. But at the track, does this really change having a fun day out – No! The team were in high spirits and with the first session starting at nine, there wasn’t much left to do except have a coffee and a laugh.

Grant had his work cut out for him, running four cars meant he had to stay on top of all the wheel/tyre changes, tyre pressures, maintaining a clean windscreen and of course ensuring there is enough fuel in the tank to push them around a couple extra laps. With tyre pressures set, screens clean we were also ready for the first session.

Session after session, we remembered why Burrows Days are just so special – being a non-timed social event, it’s just easy. The vibe is fun and relaxed and there was even an assortment of new Jaguars to test drive, or the Sydney Motorsport Park Ferrari F430. These unfortunately didn’t entice the team enough to leave their chosen Porsche whips! (Go Porsche!)

We’d quickly like to thank the gentlemen who choose to go racing, Jeff, Dave, Ben and Darren, always a great day with such great company. As always another awesome event with The Formula Company taking charge and providing the atmosphere and venue needed to enjoy the drive, with no speed limit!

 If you’re interested in attended the next Burrows Day, let us know on (02) 9905 1455 or service@autohaushamilton.com.au. Spots are limited and exclusive so getting in contact with us is crucial. Our track side support is also available to make the day hassle free and also make you feel apart of the team, for day or forever!

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