EVENT: Bathurst 200 Rally - 3rd Outright, 1st RWD Class WIN!

What better way to get back in the rally car 911 (a bit late into 2015) than to stretch its legs competitively before the upcoming Alpine Classic with nine rough and gruelling stages of the Bathurst 200 Rally. For Jeff and Grant it was an easy decision to pack the truck and head west to Sunny Corner for a full weekend of well-deserved rallying.

A few days of practise before the event began gave Jeff and Grant some fresh familiarity with the new set-up, both enjoying the newest additions on the 911. This instilled confidence for Saturday and the 200kms of extremely rough and loose conditions that lay ahead.

The rally itself went without a hitch, well as best as you could expect for stages which consisted of many large and small loose rocks and dust. Being up front of the pack order, left the rear wheel drive 911 fighting for traction with the untouched stages making it difficult for the 911 to really sink its tyres in. Mechanically the 911 came out on top, the rough stages being like a judgement day gave too all the 40(or so) competitors and it unfortunately proved too much for majority of the cars with roughly 17 finishing all 200kms.

The final result left Jeff and Grant 3rd outright and 1st in their class! Not a bad shake-down.