Eastern Creek Porsche Club Sprint

Porsches are drivers’ cars; they yearn to be free of traffic, potholes and speed limits, and to stretch their legs, and their limits, out on the track.??The best way to do this in a safe, supportive and friendly environment is to get involved with club motorsport.

Motorsport clubs, such as the Porsche Club, run frequent meetings that cover a wide range of interests; whether they be specifically social, educational, or competitive.??Last Sunday the Porsche club hopped into their various Porsche pride and joys and drove out to Eastern Creek to put in a few hot laps during a club Sprint Day.

A sprint event is about improving your driving skills, car familiarity, setup, and, hopefully, lap times. Sprints, along with Motorkhanas, are a great way to get involved with motorsport, because they are not races. Cars and drivers are grouped and ordered by speed so that everyone out on the track is running at an even pace, with the drivers who run in front of you pulling ahead slightly. This means that passing is not an issue, and you can focus on refining your craft.

Autohaus prepared and serviced Porsches were out and about in each of the speed brackets over the course of the event, with Mark Croudace and Daryl Head having a particularly good dice, consistently improving their times and running neck-and-neck for most of the day.

Enjoy this gallery of the action out on the track.