Drive with Autohaus Hamilton

St Albans Drive Day Sunday 18th February 2018

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Western Loop Drive day Sunday, June 25th 2017

Our journey beginning at Governor Phillip Park took our convoy on winding open roads through bushland towards Wilberforce all the way through Bull Ridge Road to East Kurrajong Road, then west on Bells Line of Road. Our group followed Bells Line right over Mount Tomah all the way past Darling Causeway into Hartely where it lead us to our final destination, The Collits Inn.

Upon arrival, The Collits Inn greeted our group with tea and coffee to shake off the morning cold. After taking in the gorgeous scenery, The Collits Inn gathered us inside their barn next to the burning fireplace where 40 + Porsche fanatics wined and dined on a delicious home cooked buffet of roasts, quiches, dumplings, and salads, exchanging stories and car advice.

After all had eaten, we split off into groups to enjoy the view and let our stomachs settle before it was time to jump back into the car and head on home.

Western Loop Drive, August 2015

"But the drive, the drive must go on – so with an umbrella and a spare jacket we hit the road to meet up at Governor Phillip Park in Windsor by 8:30am. We managed to arrive around 7:30am, with a few other early rises turning up. Conversation started, how many of the 60 cars expected will turn up? Our guess… 20. 2, 3, 5, 6… 7, 10, 12, the numbers kept rolling in and before you knew it we were sitting at 27 and it was time for a driver briefing and to hit the road! "

Hunter Drive, July 2015

"It was time for a drive, we had an itch which just needed to be scratched and with a forecast of sun with some morning fog the road
was most definitely calling, and this time round… 110 of us answered the call, yes 110."

Wisemans Drive, March 2015 - PFP -

"Young Lachlan, a law student, found his passion behind the wheel and now managed to combine that passion through his lens.
We're very thankful for his help and his amazing photos."

Wisemans Drive, March 2015

"This didn’t discourage us even though the wild weather left the roads damaged in some parts it also left the remaining route wet and slippery, forcing us all to stay alert
and maintain a suitable amount of traction through the corners. Fun – to say the least!"

Bathurst Drive, February 2015

"With breakfast done and dusted, we were on the home straight to Bathurst. Another 70km’s laid ahead of us, and then the remaining 5hours of racing to be had. Arriving at the famous Mount Panorama, we found some space to park and this was the point for us to all go our separate ways"

End of Year Drive, December 2014

"We’re not going to lie, we were equally nervous as excited for our final event of the year. When we put the word out through our Track & Drive Mailing List we
had a huge rush of reservations, within the first week we had 50 Porsches and by the second we were sitting on 80!"

Spring Drive, November 2014

"As the sun broke the horizon and started to warm the sky, 38 Porsche’s started their journey from different corners of Sydney, as far north from Newcastle
and even south from Canberra."