A Classic National Capital Rally

The Australian Rally Championship kicked off over the weekend of the first and second of March, 2014, with the National Capital Rally, and Autohaus Hamilton???s fearless rally expert Jeff David was there to open his 2014 account in style.

National Capital Rally Porsche

With Grant Geelan committed to supporting Autohaus Hamilton???s Carrera Cup efforts, Glenn Macneall took over co-driving duties for the weekend, and was a welcome and talented addition to the team.

Pace was good all weekend, and the pair produced an excellent result from it, bringing home second outright in the Classics competition.

National Capital Rally Porsche

??hey encountered a few brake issues on the rough roads of Canberra, which hadn???t occurred previously and which handicapped the team???s progress a little bit. Rain and tricky road conditions also caught a lot of people out.??/i>

??hey had a reasonable, if unspectacular run. Coming second to four-time Australian Rally Champion Neal Bates isn???t too bad, though, so I???m pleased with their efforts!??- Grant Geelan

Jeff David will be forgoing the next round in the series, the Quit Forest Rally in Western Australia, to focus on the Otago Rally in New Zealand, and we???re looking forward to going one better there!

The Otago Rally will be held on the 10th and 11th of May, 2014.