Cayman S - The Right Set-Up

Cayman’s are slowly becoming the Porsche of choice when entertaining the idea of motorsport. They’re more cost-effective, a mid-engine platform, all with a lower initial purchase price and in the end what does that mean - more fun!

This tidy black Cayman S was purchased for this exact reason, to have fun with. As quickly as it was purchased, as was a set of Bilstein coil-over suspension, motorsport grade brake pads, motorsport grade brake fluid (and flush), forged lightweight Advan wheels, Advan Yokohama semi-slicks, and the final piece a motorsport grade air/oil separator.

What happens when all this is put together? Fun and a lot of it! If you’re entertaining the idea of motorsport and are scared of jumping in the deep end, let us show you how you can build and maintain a more than capable track weapon - the 987 Cayman S.