Cars ZEN Coffee

When an invitation from the guys down at Zen Garage came in to take part in an event dubbed "Cars ZEN Coffee" we answered the call and put the call out to all our Autohaus Family. With close to 200 cars and 500 enthusiasts both young and old coming together for an easy Sunday morning coffee!

It really was a spectacle to see all of Zen's hard work and ideas come together! To find young enthusiasts sharing and gaining knowledge from the pioneers of Australian Car Culture. To see families, friends, partners and even the pet dog form a sea of happy event goers.

The sound of exhaust notes from all eras, styles and capacities filled the venue. An intoxicating scent of bacon and eggs sizzling away on an outdoor BBQ filled the air, with the blanketing aroma of coffee beans bringing it all together.

We really shone bright by bringing out a collection of Porsches and more importantly enough 911’s to represent a mixed bowl of colourful Skittles. Great event, Thank-you Zen Garage.

Until next time!

Photography from the event:

Photograher: Soup Photography