Making of the Autohaus Hamilton/Jeff David Porsche SCRS Rally Model

When it came time for this year’s Porsche Club of New South Wales Concours we wanted to do something special to celebrate the event and give back to the people who support us.

And, since we find Jeff David and Grant Geelan’s hot 911 rally car quite inspirational, we thought that was a great place to start. So we put together a collection of photos and went to master model builder Warren Riddell with the aim of recreating that car in 1:43 scale.

He built a brilliant car, and this is how!

The Autohaus Hamilton/Jeff David Porsche SCRS Rally in 1:43 scale by ModelArtWerks.

I used a white Minichamps Carrera RS 3.0 street car with gold Carrera decals and Fuchs wheels as a base. This is an old model and can be difficult to find, but it was the best possible base for the project.

Although the actual rally car looks simple, there is a considerable amount of work involved in modifications to the model to get the correct ‘rally car’ look.


  • The body is separated from the chassis/interior

  • Remove existing decals and paint the wheel centres white

  • Raise the suspension

  • Convert to right hand drive by modifying dash

  • Add seat belts and rear roll cage


  • Add front roll cage to interior of body

  • Make air scoop for roof and paint white, fit to body

  • Fit 993 style mirrors

  • Paint rear wing white by masking from body

  • Fit body to interior


  • Using files supplied prepare artwork of graphics and test for fit

  • Print decals and apply. Special white printing required for driver/navigator names on side windows

  • Spray completed model with clear to seal and protect the decals and mount on base

ModelArtWerks specialise in unique limited edition 1:43 scale models to order of Porsche, from early 911 to the current Carrera Cup cars and other Australian sports and GT race cars.

For further information contact Warren Riddell at or phone 0413 997 300.