Build Update: 911S, 3.8RSR, FLUX 930

911S – The pursuit for perfection.

Restoring a car comes in many shapes and forms, a sympathetic restoration which generally caters to a relatively good condition car which needs minimal work, modern restoration which uses modern techniques to take car to a level beyond its initial factory state AND a factory specifications restoration which is generally the hardest and involves the most homework.

This 911S is a factory specification restoration; many hours have been spent to bringing back this shell to its factory-line condition. Everything from recreating the overspray, using the right materials and making sure every lip and edge meets the same standards as it would have over 45 years ago.

We’ve got to quickly thank Dean from McCreath Prestige Pant & Panel; with the team working under the guidance of Dean really hitting the ball out of the park on this one. They’re very capable of hitting home runs consistently, especially when it comes to these factory specification restorations – and of course not only with Porsche.

Next step involves putting this very early 911S back together, but for now we’ll let the photos of one immaculately presented shell:

3.8RSR – Getting there!

A lot has been happening on the bright blue 3.8, so much but it’s been all the finer details – the ones you don’t really get to notice in photos. We’ve gotten the oil cooler fitted up with the motorsport grade Aeroflow fittings, which look great! All the final bits and pieces have been fabricated to get the suspension all dialled in and functioning, along with the final bits in the drive and transmission.

With all these little jobs complete, next step is fabricating the custom exhaust, which also means we’re one step closer to firing it up – exciting!

Enjoy the details:

Flux 930 – Can turn, Part II.

Last week we posted this photo (see below), what you’re looking at is a suspension package of the gods. The parts list includes: 935 Front A-Arm Assembly, Billet Steering Crossmember w/ 935 Mounts, Mono-ball Front Strut Tops, Refurbished 930 Brake Calipers, Coilover Front Conversion, Adjustable Through-body Sway Bars (Front & Rear), 935 Spring Plate Conversion, Mono-Ball Trailing Arm Bushes.

Through the week we got cracking at installing all the components and come Friday it’s been installed, tuned, driven and feeling tight!

Look how good it looks and yes - it can turn:

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