Build Update - 3.8RSR - The Assembly

The assembly process is well under way with our 3.8RSR build. Slowly but surely the new advantages of our ‘build specific’ workshop is proving highly productive, especially being able to keep the car in its own dedicated work-bay allowing this Mexico Blue early 911 to receive all the love and attention it deserves.

The concept:

First step of assembly was to get the wiring loom in, along with the steering components and suspension. This allowed for us to bolt on some test wheels and nail down the right measurements for a custom set of wheels on order, all to fill the larger guards and harbour a 305 rear tire!

The fuel cell has been fitted along with a few other motorsport dedicated parts. With it all starting to really looking at home with this highly modified chassis. We’re all starting to become quite eager for it to be complete and back on track for some testing and development.

As milestones are reached, watched this space as we will be doing regular updates from this point on! Until then, enjoy some photos of the 3.8 RSR build in progress:

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