Autohaus Parts: Feel The Heat!

In the aftermath of Sydney???s hottest January for quite a while, you may not be thinking about ways of making your Carrera 3.2 warmer. We, on the other hand, just received our first shipment of SSI heat exchangers, and if you know about SSIs, you???ll know why they’ve got us hot under the collar.

First off, what are heat exchangers? In a watercooled car, the car???s interior is warmed using heat from the coolant.?? Air is blown over a heater matrix, which is a small radiator to warm the car???s interior and its occupants.?? Air cooled cars use heat exchangers, which are essentially boxes around part of the exhaust pipe.?? The exhaust pipe heats up and heats the air inside the box, which is then channelled to the interior of the car.?? (Note, it???s not exhaust gas that is being channelled to the interior.?? Although that would be good and warm, there are significant problems concerning filling a car???s interior with exhaust gas.)

In an aircooled 911, the heat exchangers are built around the exhaust headers, which is the warmest part of the exhaust system.?? SSIs have two Big Things going for them: the first is that they are a mild performance upgrade over the standard heat exchangers.?? The second is that, being made of stainless steel (SSI stands for Stainless Steel Industries), they will last a very long time indeed.

If you’d like to take advantage of these Big Things, give us a call on ??02 9905 1455, or send James an email on??