Autohaus Hamilton Wiseman's Drive - March 2015

You’ve got to give the people what they want and what they wanted was… another drive!

Because of this, last Sunday saw us go back in time and re-create our initial drive from last year; our Wiseman’s drive. We made a few changes this time round: a new meeting point, a later start time and the addition of a few extra turns. These changes gave the attendees an opportunity for coffee and a snack before embarking on 150kms of twists, turns and the straights between.

Unfortunately due to the weather we had to cancel a small section of the drive, as we found it to be water-damaged and even included some unsealed sections due to Sydney’s wild weather of late. This didn’t discourage us even though the wild weather left the roads damaged in some parts it also left the remaining route wet and slippery, forcing us all to stay alert and maintain a suitable amount of traction through the corners. Fun – to say the least!

We arrived at The Old Road Café at 7:15am, the rain beginning to slow down encouraging small breaks of blue sky through the overcast blanket that laid above. Every few minutes we were graced with the sounds of another flat-6 in the distance, gradually getting louder as they approached the meeting point. Porsche after Porsche, with all the eager drivers gradually arriving and parking sixty five strong. It was time for a quick coffee, a few catch ups and then a driver briefing at 8:15am.

The driver briefing was handled by Sergio, who personally managed to do the complete route the day before. The weather and evidential road conditions were a number one priority to keep everyone attending safe and within their driving capabilities, so the addition of directional signs were posted on each corner to keep all sixty five Porsche’s on track and heading in the right direction. With the crack of a smile and a few jokes Sergio informed all the attendees of the day’s events ahead, what was expected and what will be frowned upon. All in all, the main focus was to have a safe and fun drive!

By 8:30am the whole convoy was on route and the first stage laid ahead. Seventy kilometres of twists and turns, heading first north then sweeping west towards Wiseman’s Ferry. We arrived at Gunderman for our first pit-stop to stretch our legs and to take an opportunity to snap some nice photos by the Hawkesbury River. This was a great opportunity for Petrol Fuelled Passion (Photo/Videographers) to catch up and snap off a few motion shots.

Jumping back into the driver’s seat meant a 5minute sprint to Wisemans Ferry’s ferry crossing, where we managed to fill three ferry trips across the famous river. After getting across we choose to pull into a park nearby, take 30minutes to use the toilet facilities and recite moments from the first stage of the drive. From here, the route was originally meant to continue heading west along the Hawkesbury but with the changes made we instead headed South down the Old Northern Road into the Hills district. An hour or so later we arrived at our final destination, the Bella Vista Hotel. With many hungry mouths the convoy was parked and we all headed inside the venue to enjoy an early lunch.

The Bella Vista Hotel once again had us seated, and served just as quickly. The food was hearty and the servings were the right size for the hungry masses. As the morning turned to afternoon, as did the priorities of all involved and one by one we went our separate ways, as if nothing happened… except a great drive and another amazing Autohaus Hamilton day.

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Check out the convoy leaving Wisemans Ferry:

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