Autohaus Hamilton Spring Drive

What a drive! 

As the sun broke the horizon and started to warm the sky, 38 Porsche’s started their journey from different corners of Sydney, as far north from Newcastle and even south from Canberra. As we neared our meeting destination, Pie In The Sky - Cowan, the roads start to narrow, twist and turn.  Fog dropped in and the only sound bouncing off the cliffside walls was the distant song of liar birds through-out the National Park. 


Morning Fog

The fog laid thickly, and brought a real sense of mystery for the days events ahead! As the kilometres of winding tarmac passed, it was almost like we were the only souls on this ghost road. Until far ahead we saw some taillights, and there it was, the first 911 of the day.

Hidden 911 

Grant and his Daughter arrive 

Pie in the Sky - It really did feel like we were in the sky this morning! 

As we pulled into Pie in the Sky, it was as if there was a little break in the fog, that seemed to be just for us! It started to surround us, opening a little haven of visibility in a floating cloud. One car, two, three cars, four - as car after car arrived.

Boxster GTS - 996 Carrera


Group 4 - 993 - Boxster 

991 Targa 4S - So nice!

Jaguar F-Type 'R' - 991 GT3

Boxster S

Cayman GTS - The sound completes the amazing new look!  

Beautiful 911, packing a lot of bite! 

Only 25 minutes had passed and the carpark was slowly filling, more importantly we were running on schedule for a 6:45am departure and by this time conversations were getting louder and excitement levels were getting higher!

The group grows 

and grows

and grows! 

With a quick driver briefing; basically going over the drive, our expectations of safety and fun levels. We luckily all finished on the same page and were ready to drive! The first leg was heading north, up the Old Pacific Hwy, Peats Ridge Rd and then west onto Wisemans Ferry Rd where we would wrap back towards Wisemans Ferry and cross the Hawkesbury River.

On the road 

Porsches' as far as they eye can see

We stopped only once, about 10 minutes before the Ferry crossing in Wisemans Ferry. It was quite the sight seeing such a diverse selection of Porsche all lined up under the Sun! The group finding it easy to stick together with the ‘pace car’ we instilled up front keeping the pace flowing and safe.

We pull over to re-group! 

These two! - 997 GT3RS & 991 GT3 

'Sounds like it looks, mean!' - 991 GT3

Like a train, all the cars pull over and we stretch our legs.

This speedster driven right up the front, providing such a rare sight for all! 

Picture Perfect! 

10 minutes down the road saw the Ferry ride sector of the drive begin. This gave everyone some time to tell a few jokes and recount the already numerous stories being told of “this corner!” and “that corner!”. With so many cars it took two fully loaded trips to get us all across.

We arrive at the Ferry crossing

All aboard! 

Once back on solid ground the story telling continued, with the final leg of the drive heading back into Sydney’s north west, finishing at the Bella Vista Hotel for brunch. Being quite ahead of schedule we decided to extend the stop, until our stomachs reminded us the duration of the morning already. With stomachs growling, we jumped into our cars and headed to the finish line.

Turbo - 997 GT3RS

991 GT3  - 993 Carrera RS

Jaguar F-Type 'R' - 991 Targa 4S

Concours d'Elegance prize winner was loving the open roads! 

By 10am all 38 cars made it safely to our destination, covering 148km’s of scenic driving roads and one amazing morning! As we started to fill the sectioned off car-park that awaited us, we slowly started filtering into the Hotel. 

Had to squeeze them all in!

The day only starting and sun starting to warm. 

Incredible 71' 911S 

We couldn't not show the rear of this tough new Cayman GTS! 

Perfect for the Spring Drive! 

We were all seated and seated appropriately on high seats and tables, right next to the car-park holding our art. It was a fight between looking at the menu and looking back outside which sparked memories of another corner, another view and another laugh! 

The stories continued, the food was ordered and the morning ended as perfectly as it started. Great cars, great roads, great food and more importantly; great people!

Brunch, with a view.

Let the stories continue! 

And the engines, refueled. 

We would quickly like to Thank all who attended and made the morning the effortless fun drive it was planned to be. Also Thank-you to Porsche Willoughby for joining in on the fun, and enjoying the drive along side us! It was great to see the new Porsche Cayman GTS, Boxster GTS, 991 Targa and the smiling faces attached to them. Thanks to Bella Vista Hotel for the great venue, service and more importatly how quickly all the food came, Thank-you! Thank-you! 

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