An Autohaus Hamilton 2013

As we reach the end of another year, it???s time to reflect on the adventures we???ve had, and think about what we can do to make our next year even better. And happily, 2013 has no shortage of great memories for us!

Bathurst Motor Festival

Our first big motorsport event of the year was the 2013 Bathurst Motor Festival, which was held back in March and saw a field of around 300 cars take to The Mountain in front of just fewer than 10,000 spectators for three days of dawn-??ill-dusk motorsport.

Bathurst Motor Festival

It was our biggest ever Bathurst, and we shared the weekend with a huge crew of our mates who all put in magnificent efforts around the mountain while they broke records, improved their skills and generally had a glorious weekend.

Porsche Rennsport Australia

Things only got bigger as the year progressed and we reached the biggest Porsche event that Australia has ever seen - the Porsche Rennsport Australia Motor Racing Festival. Rennsport was an absolute Sm??rg?sbord of Porsche, with every conceivable form of motorsport, machine and man represented.

Porsche Rennsport Australia

We were involved in all of it. The Autohaus Hamilton Carrera Cup team was represented by Shane Smollen and Dave Russell, who had a challenging but exciting and educational weekend. Bill Pye gave the guys in Production Sports a serious run for their money in his Targa Tasmania tarmac rally car and joined Peter Boylan in the Group S competition, who also had a great weekend in GT3 Cup Challenge.

Porsche Rennsport Australia

They may not be contesting the big name championships, but our many friends in the club categories impressed us no less, putting in personal bests all over the place and making our hospitality centre the wonderful place it was all weekend.

Bill Pye

In September Bill Pye went out and monstered the Muscle Car Masters in his 1974 911 3.0L RS replica, taking his maiden race win in Touring Car Masters, which was just the third ever for a Porsche in the series. Did we mention that to pull it off he had to hold off the legendary John Bowe? And that he did it in a tarmac rally car, racing a field of full-on circuit racing cars?

David & Geelan

When it comes to legends it???s hard to go past rally masters Grant Geelan and Jeff David. They haven???t had as many outings as they???d like this year, but they certainly finished the season off with a bang, winning the 2013 Alpine Rally of East Gippsland in stylish fashion and besting an incredibly tough field of competitors, including none other than??Alistair McRae,??to do so.

Shane Smollen
Image thanks to Porsche Carrera Cup Australia

Speaking of great finishes in tough fields, Shane Smollen finished his best-ever Porsche Australia Carrera Cup season off in similar fashion with a clean sweep in Elite class, topping the class in all three races at Surfers Paradise. That was enough to put him on the Elite Class Championship podium, and he finished third for the season.

Motorsport is close to all of our hearts here in the Autohaus Hamilton garage, but it???s far from the be all and end all of Porsche. There are other things that we like to get up to in our Porsches.

Porsche Driving Adventure

Like hit the open roads with our mates and get some good old fashioned adventuring done in the best drivers??? cars in the world!

We put on two driving adventures this year - the Tour of the Blue Mountains and Southern Highlands and, most recently, the Tour of the Snowy Mountains.

We were joined by great friends and two varied and lovely groups of people, saw some of the most magnificent driving roads that New South Wales has to offer, enjoyed several social Saturday nights and recovered in luxurious accommodations that topped everything off nicely. What more could you ask for?

Porsche Group 4

Then there is a work which has brought us the great, pride, satisfaction, joy and excitement this year. Our 911 Group 4 project car.

We poured our blood, sweat and tears into it for over a year, and are so thrilled to have introduced to the world a car that has exceeded our every expectation. We???re loving everyone???s enjoyment of it and it continues to make us smile every time we hit that big start button and fire it up for a drive.

Autohaus Hamilton's Porsche Garage

To finish, there is the work which we devote ourselves to every single day, from dark winter Monday mornings to Sundays at the track and every day between - making your Porsche ownership the rewarding and exciting experience it should be.

From our service division, which packs our garage with Porsches of every vintage and flavour year round, to sales, which has been delivering new and satisfying Porsche experiences to more and more people every year, to our parts department, which has been growing in leaps and bounds for the past three years and can provide you the part you need for a reasonable price, no matter what Porsche you’d like to put it in.

These are the things of which we’re most proud, and which we fight the hardest to improve every year. We can???t wait to get back to work for you in 2014 and face a new set of challenges and opportunities along the way.

For all the adventures we’ve had; all that we’ve achieved and all that we’re proud of, we wouldn’t be anywhere without the support of each and every one of you. We’re blessed with the greatest community there is, and we’re proud to share the Autohaus Hamilton family with you. So we close with the most important thing of all, a massive and heartfelt ‘THANK YOU!’ to you!

As big as this year was, we have plenty in the pipelines that will make 2014 even bigger, so tune in in January to find out what we have planned for you!