911 GT2 RS Breaks Records at Pikes Peak 2011

Hop in your 911 GT2 RS. Drive 1132 miles (that’s??1821 kilometers in the modern world) to the start line of the 2011 Pikes Peak International Hill Climb. Set a world record time of 11:07.869. Hop back in, and drive home. In comfort, with safety features, and trinkets that protect the dolphins, ladybugs and trees and things.

Porsche legend, and generally tidy steerer,??Jeff Zwart, broke his own record time up the hill at Pikes Peak 2011 to set a new all-time record for street legal production cars. He was just six seconds behind all-out racing beasts like Hyundai’s Red Bull??Genesis Coupe, which took the Time Attack 2WD class win.

He is confident that his time will stand for quite a while.

This video from Porsche tells the story, and is generally good fun.