2.7 Targa - Build Update 1

Nearly four months have passed since we initially introduced Stephen and his personal Living the Porsche story, ‘Every Porsche has a story, this is Stephens’, since then and just as planned the next chapter to this particular 1974 Porsche Carrera Targa has begun.

If you haven’t already read Stephen’s story, best take few minutes now and get the background notes to this restoration build! You can find the article, here.

With a bunch of social outings and drives under his belt, Stephen has had enough time to build a relationship with his car and is ready to sink his teeth into bringing back this Targa to its original specifications and condition!

First step was to outline a plan of action, what exactly needed to be done and in what order. So with the guidance of our head technician Tim, they formulated a list.

Stephen’s 2.7 Targa restoration to do list:

- Complete respray back to original orange (156)
- Replace all rubber seals
- Carrera Side Stripe (sticker)
- Refurbish tachometer and gauges
- Re-trim leather steering wheel
- New carpet throughout
- Clean up engine bay and boot of all unnecessary things that have been added along the way
- Chromate all nuts and bolts through-out engine bay
- Duck tail
- New heater hoses
- New fresh air hoses

So far the car has been stripped back in preparation of the biggest and most noticeable task, respraying the car back to orange. This was also a great opportunity to start tidying up the unnecessary wires, clips and other miscellaneous objects that find their way into the engine bay and boot. The stripping will continue and then a final body assessment will be done to indicate exactly the condition of the Targa and what repairs need to be done before the new paint finds its way on.

We will continue updates over the next few months and will be a good indication of how restoring the right components can make the most difference! Until then enjoy some pictures’ of the start of Stephen’s restoration journey: