Grant & Cindy Geelan - Co-Owners, Autohaus Hamilton

Grant served his Mechanical Apprenticeship at Scuderia Veloce Motors Lindfield, now Porsche Centre Willoughby. Adding an extra six years on top of his initial four enabled him to be fully trained and qualified in both Porsche and Ferrari. Grant joined Autohaus Hamilton as a Senior Mechanic in 1997 and after five years, Grant and his wife Cindy took up Ian Hamilton’s offer to purchase the business allowing Ian to hang up his overalls and retire.

Being Owner and Principal Mechanic, Grant still continues to put his heart and soul into maintaining the brilliant reputation Autohaus Hamilton upholds. Offering Autohaus customers a large range of specialist services, knowledge and a home away from home.

Cindy keeps our office and reception running smoothly, providing specialised care that our valued clients deserve. Allowing Grant to spend more of his time on what he loves best, working on Porsches, whilst maintaining a close relationship with Autohaus customers.

Cindy has been around Porsches, Motorsport and more importantly Autohaus Hamilton for long enough to know that only the highest level of service will suffice.  


Scott Lang - Co-Owner, Sales

Scott is a Porsche fanatic who has managed to combine his passion with his career. He co-owns and manages the running of Autohaus Hamilton Sales, alongside Grant. Having personally owned 12 Porsches over the past years, Scott well and truly knows the brand and what it takes to live with them on a daily basis. By using his intimate knowledge of the brand, Scott sources the perfect Porsches for our customers.


James Reinhardt - Co-Owner, Parts

James has been apart of the Autohaus Hamilton team since 2011, coming from a professional background in business consulting and systems implementation and has always been a petrol head.  His passion for Porsche started with the realisation you only have to look beneath the skin of a Porsche to see its parts and its Motorsport history. James joined Autohaus Hamilton for the opportunity to with knowledgeable people who are enthusiastic about what they do, in an environment where he could make a tangible contribution.

James head of the Autohaus Hamilton Parts Division, where his background has helped implement structure and build a division that can advise on, source and provide Porsche parts to all our customers. He is passionate about customer service.


Rick Frankford - Workshop Advisor

Rick’s been in the automotive game a long time first starting his apprenticeship January 1977 with Murphy Johnston imported cars in Brookvale working with Alfa Romeo, Fiat and Lancia. Ultimately expanding to include Subaru, VW and Audi. During this time Rick also prepared and was actively involved with Group E and Group A motorsport with Alfa Romeo.

Fast forward to current day and he’s done it all from mechanic, foreman, workshop manager, service adviser and finally service manager with Mazda, Subaru, Volvo, Harley Davidson and now finally us – Autohaus Hamilton. We’re excited to have Rick apart of the team and welcome his wealth of knowledge. 


Tim Andersen - Senior Technician

Tim also worked at Scuderia Veloce Motors Lindfield and moved to Porsche Centre Willoughby, where he was employed for sixteen years. His duties included working as Workshop Manager, Head Mechanic and Road Tester.

Tim first started his apprenticeship early 70’s servicing Leyland Products and XU1s, Chargers, GT Falcons almost every night, leaving weekends for building and maintaining race cars. After completion of his apprenticeship, Tim spent two years in the United States of America.

On return from his time abroad, Tim helped develop and construct a Commodore in six weeks for the 1980 Bathurst and placed third outright. His 36 years of experience with Porsche has seen Tim attend and complete many training courses including factory training in 1986 which included Weissach R&D Centre, where 959’s were being tested and race department was full of Le Mans and Paris Dakar cars.

During the split of Ferrari and Porsche at Willoughby, Tim made the decision that Porsche was to continue being his chosen path. Helping set up Porsche Centre Willoughby’s Service Department.

Tim joined the Autohaus Team in 1998 as a Senior Technician, and now Head Mechanic, Lead Tester and Trainer. With his years of knowledge working on all models of Porsche, Tim shares his exceptional history of these fine cars with our customers.


Stuart Bruce -  Senior Technician

Stuart is originally from Scotland but has been living in Australia for 10 years now. Stuart comes with a wealth of knowledge from his involvement in Motorsport in the UK and his engineering background makes him a tremendous asset to our motorsport department. Stuart can also turn his hand to service work in our main workshop as and when required. His rich history has given him a great understanding of the earlier air-cooled cars, but he is also our master of fabrication and restoration. 

Stuart earliest memory of Porsche was the gift of a poster for a childhood birthday; it was a collection of Porsches on a cobbled street which had a black 911 Turbo Targa and he thought, yeah that’s my car! It’s a privilege having Stuart a part of the Autohaus Team and we can’t wait to find him that black Turbo.


Chris Monk - Service Advisor

Chris has motorsport in his blood, as his father was one of the founders of the HSRCA and therefore grew up tinkering on British machines like MG and Aston Martin. Chris has spent time as a service advisor at SVM, so he knows his Porsches inside out. In his spare time, Chris races an Alfa 105 and dreams of 993 Turbos.


Michael James - Technician

Michael loves the look of all Porsches and likes that there is a model for every possible taste and something for every enthusiast. His favourite Porsche model is the 964 which he likes for its subtle lines and 90s styling.

One day he would like to own his Porsche workshop.


Daniele Mannarella - Apprentice Technician

22-year-old Daniele hails from Italy where his parents own a family workshop servicing anything with four wheels. A keen F1 fan Daniele rates Ferrari legend Gilles Villeneuve and Ayrton Senna as his favourite pilots. Determined to work on Porsches Daniele made the track from Italy to Sydney via Melbourne before finding a home at Autohaus Hamilton. He rates the Cayman GT4 as his favourite Porsche.


Alex Phillis - Accounts Officer

Alex is the newest member of our admin team, working alongside our accounts manager and currently studying a Diploma of Accounting through TAFE with a plan to continue onto a Bachelor Degree once complete. His first memory of Porsche started at a young age when his dad (a long-term customer of Autohaus Hamilton) showed up unexpectedly in a 964 Targa and said, 'Jump in - let's drive!'. A car still in the family today. 


Anthony Raymond - Sales Manager

Anthony is at the end of his 3rd decade with Porsche. He moved from the UK and began working Scuderia Veloce ( now Porsche Willoughby ) in 1992, where he delivered more than 1,000 cars over the next 15 years. Then moved to the Middle East and ran Porsche Centre Bahrain. Through the years Anthony has competed in countless track races and Historic rallies and has won the National Formula Ford championship in Bahrain. 


Andrew Robinson - Senior Technician

Andrew started his career in 1977 with Alec Mildren  where he worked on SAAB and Alfa Romeo as an apprentice. Through the nineties Andrew had his own business and in 2000 he moved over to the U.S. for 10 years. Returning to Australia in 2010 he relocated to Brisbane and spent 7 years working on VW and Porsche product. Andrew joins us with a wealth of knowledge, experience and of course a passion for all things Porsche.​


Chris Wilkinson - Appentice Technician

Hot 4s Magazine was Chris’s bible as a teenager and he insists it was just for the cars. Early on he was all about Japanese cars in particular the third generation RX7 FD because of that twin turbo engine putting out 188KW. It was the Lamborghini Diablo SV however that won place on his wall as a poster. Chris started his career in the world of corporate but always had that “what if” feeling about working in the world of performance cars. At the ripe age of 31 Chris has said goodbye to corporate and started fresh to pursue his real passion. Chris’s perfect Porsche garage would house a 356 speedster, “one of the most beautiful cars ever built” a 912 preferably a well used one with a bit of patina so he can resto rod it a 993RS last of the air-cooled raw driving experiences and finally a 991.2 GT3 because it’s best that Porsche can offer. 


Zane Sahu-Khan - Appentice Technician

Starting working life as a pushbike mechanic, started the love of how things work. Zane’s Dad used to race cars and had a couple of Porsche road cars ( 1971 911s, 944S2 ), looking through the photo albums of his Dads driving adventures made Zane realise there was a Porsche passion in his DNA. As a kid Zane consumed car content on the internet every spare moment he had. Most of that content was Porsche based and so when he decided to follow his passion as a career, naturally he knocked on the door of Autohaus Hamilton. Zane has his eyes firmly focused on one Porsche in particular for his dream garage, that is a 924 Carrera GT. He loves the silhouette of the car, the fact it was developed so that Porsche could enter into competition. It was a relatively low production car with 406 made and only 75 in right hand drive, by Australian standards it’s rare here, and “that NACA duct”.


Gareth Liscoe -  Workshop Manager

As a kid Gareth loved pulling things apart to see how they work. VCRs, Vacuum cleaners, remote controlled cars, you name it. He always had remote controlled cars and airplanes that he was constantly building, breaking and rebuilding so a career as a mechanic was written on the wall. Gareth joined Autohaus Hamilton as an apprentice in 2002 after finishing school. After six years at Autohaus Hamilton Gareth had an itch he wanted to scratch and that was world travel. He became a public bus driver so he could have more flexible hours and longer holidays to satisfy the bug. After a few years travelling he has returned to Autohaus as a technician and an integral member of our team. He has a passion for working on the air-cooled cars because of the engineering and attention to detail that went into the older cars. He points out the fact that most of the time you fix the old car parts rather than throw them away and replace with new. "There's something so satisfying about that".


Matt Shipard -  Senior Technician

Matt grew up on a farm and so it was in his nature to understand how things work, how to maintain them and how to fix them. At an early age Matt knew a career as a mechanic was his goal. In his teens he built a Datsun 1600 rally car and navigated it in the NSW novice series coming second in his first attempt. Matt moved from SCUDS to the high-performance division of Mitsubishi Motors, Ralliart where he worked on the Lancer Evos supporting Tommi Makinen to his Asia Pacific win. When he returned to Australia Matt worked in various workshops and predominantly on European marques. In 2016 Matt joined Autohaus Hamilton ( Matt is Grants cousin ) where his incredible knowledge is put to good use, daily.


Liam Moxon - Senior Technician

Liam finished his apprenticeship in 2015 at Autohaus Hamilton. He recently returned to Autohaus Hamilton after a short time away helping out in his family business. Liam loves working on the bigger jobs where he can spending a good few days on the same car to obtain a big outcome. He loves nothing more than the challenge of broken or tired car being given the attention to make it like new again, “doing a job perfectly gives me so much satisfaction”. He prefers the classics over the contemporary, loving the raw feedback through the controls and of course the aural pleasure often missing in contemporary cars. Liams perfect Porsche garage would go like this… 993 Turbo as a daily, GT3 RS gen 2 as a track car and a 1968, 911 as his cars and coffee car.


Chris Long - Service Manager

Chris started his automotive career straight out of school at 16 years old. He completed an apprenticeship in the U.K. with the VAG group and then carried on into 8 years on the tools. From being a tech Chris transferred into parts and worked his way up through the dealership to service advisor. Chris and his wife moved to Australia in 2006 and he’s been working on Porsche product ever since. Chris joined Autohaus Hamilton in 2020 bringing a massive amount of Porsche insight and experience to our team that will be invaluable to our pursuit of perfection. Chris’s perfect Porsche Garage would be; Macan GTS for weekdays, 991 911 for weekends and a 924 for his wife who used to have one and misses it.



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