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Sell Your Porsche

Autohaus Hamilton Sales will make selling your Porsche a stress-free process concluding in the best possible return for you.

We offer Porsche consignment services and can also purchase your Porsche outright for resale.

The simplest, quickest and easiest method of sale is for us to buy your car outright. We buy Porsches absolutely as-is and will then put the car through our specialist Porsche service inspections and preparations to ensure its quality for sale.

We also offer a Porsche consignment service which is simple, friendly and effective. For you, it’s as simple as coming down to the garage, having a chat with us to organise the details, and then leaving your car for us to look after.

Your car will be fully insured for theft, fire, third party damage and more while it’s here, and will be out of your hair and well on its way to a new happy owner, with an excellent return on its way back to you.

All consignment cars are put through our Porsche specialist workshop by our experienced Porsche specialist service technicians, who carry out a full inspection and produce a list of any required work, which is brought to the owner’s attention. Prior to sale any number of those work items will be rectified, and if not any prospective purchaser will be made aware of them in detail.

Once the car has been fully inspected and had any necessary and desired work carried out we organise full detailing of the car and advise on any areas which would add value to the car and assist in its sale.

We then organise photography and promotion of the car through our database, website and social networks, and list it on Carsales, Drive, Carsguide and Autotrader.

Head of sales Scott Lang will handle all enquiries and test drives, and test drives for consignment cars are only conducted with Scott or Grant Geelan.

We are a quality Porsche specialist, and thus maintain the same high standards of quality with cars that we purchase or take on consignment as we do with those which we sell and service.

We make every endeavour to only source and sell cars which have not had any major crash damage. Having said that, we understand that cars, especially classics, have led a life, and over the course of that life may have seen some aesthetic small bumps and scrapes which do not affect the structural integrity of the car. If any repairs have been made to a car they must have been completed to pass the standards of our workshop for us to consider it, and our full workshop inspection is designed to uncover repairs and damage.

We prefer factory right-hand-drive cars, but will take right-converted cars if we know the car and know that the work has been carried out to the high standards of our workshop.

Autohaus Hamilton Sales is equipped to deal with trade in vehicles, and we are able to organise finance. We will also manage existing finance arrangements to secure clear title.

Contact us on (02) 9938 4295 or 


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