Week 31, 2015 - In Photos

August 14, 2015

Another week done and dusted.

This week saw us complete a much needed update on our homepage (which you can view here), we’ve now brought together all the articles on our weekly photos, projects and drives so you can find the photo you’re looking for as quickly as possible… and possibly see a few other images that will stop you in your tracks.

This week we’re image heavy, with a weekend film shoot providing too many ample opportunities for photos and an upcoming commercial! The colour of the week in the workshop was blue and the job of the week had to be suspension. You’ll see a lot of suspension upgrades filtered through the photos below, everything from basic to straight out racing set ups.

We were graced with a 914-6 right at the end of the week, which was nice for the team members who haven’t been able to be up close and personal with one before. It proved to be quite the conversation starter with customers dropping by. Along with the 914-6, we had a beautiful Carrera 3.0 come in for some fresh brakes to go racing!

Another busy week at Autohaus Hamilton, just the way we like it: