October 7, 2016

We’ve really hit the road running with the all-new GT4, having one within the business has most definitely helped us with researching, developing and sourcing the best aftermarket parts. In this case our customer Tony is ready to start playing with his Black street- purpose GT4.

First off we installed an IPD Plenum, coupled with a GT3 Throttle Body and brought to life with a custom Autohaus Hamilton dyno-tune. These small modifications have found an extra 27HP at the tyres, bumping up the GT4 from 214RWKW to 225RWKW. Not only is there a proven power increase, the mid-range torque drop has been smoothened out and gives the GT4 a whole new linear rev range.

Next step is going to the addition of Car Graphic headers and another tune. These headers will save a total of 2.6KG of weight and we’ll be sure to update you on the power gains; and a dyno-sheet!

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