PCNSW - Super Sprint Round 2, Wakefield Park

March 30, 2015

Last Sunday saw the completion of round two of the Porsche Club of NSW's super sprint series, taking place at Wakefield Park. With Porsche's travelling from all over the state to compete on the challenging course, we had a team of eleven cars to take care of and help bring the best out of. 

We met at Trappers Bakery in Gouldburn at 6am, with the sky slightly glowing a light blue. We grabbed a coffee and some breakfast then headed to Wakefield Park to greet the sunrise with the smell of hi-octane fuel and burning rubber!

An empty race-track was awaited us, every car bay empty waiting for it's own piece of bavarian motor art. As 7am came, as did sunrise, the air temp rising dramatically and unfreezing our cold hands. With our hands slightly warmer we continued to unpack and set up our pitts area. 

The first of the cars start to arrive, slowly filling each bay one by one. Each bay consisting of a few essential tools and their second set of wheels and tires. The snacks and drink table was set and now the focus was moved to preparing each car for the days activities ahead! 

With preperation complete the crew managed to take a step back for a breather and drivers were called in for their morning driver briefing. As chance does, the little 911R had fuel line issues, so the crew got together and had it sorted before the brief was complete. 

With driver briefing complete the first session was called and this meant for the quickest to head out first. All the guys were ready to get out there and crack out some fast lap times!